Alternative Metals, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Almost daily someone asks, “Can You Make It in Stainless?”

So, why stainless? Damned if I know. Don’t get me wrong, I offer a few pieces that are 3d printed directly into steel. Did I say 3d printed directly? Yup. Casting steel is a very involved-expensive process. It’s a bear to polish, you must use a $30,000 laser welder to repair it. Uhmm, hey guy, you gained weight? Too bad. Get a new ring. I hope you’re not sentimental to the band you were married with.

Is it cheaper? Well, the crap from China is. From what I see Stainless jewelry made by hand in the US is priced on par with heavy Sterling Silver jewelry. Is it more durable? Sure. Can you fix it? Nope.

What about titanium and tungsten? I have sold both. Once again almost all of it comes from China or some country you can’t spell or pronounce. Can’t be sized, can’t be fixed, Well I did laser weld a crack in a 3d printed titanium ring I created. I wanted to see what it would take to break it.

Ouch, you broke your finger out playing? Too bad. You probably don’t have anything to get the ring cut off. Off to the hospital or fire station to get it done.

So, my thoughts on the alternative metals on your finger? Don’t. Have a well-made ring made in gold, silver, platinum or palladium. On the subject of silver rings. You can’t just take a design that is made for gold and make it in silver. Silver is weaker than gold, so it needs to be designed heavier and thicker.

Today, I offer complete custom jewelry design, diamonds, lab created diamonds, Moissanite, Colored gemstones. You name it.

I work online and locally here in Downingtown, PA. by appointment.

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