Your Chain Is Way More Expensive

Hollow versus solid chains


I’ll bet you think both of these look the same. Well, they do. The one on the left is hollow, the one on the right is solid

So why does one 5mm rope chain cost 3 times more than another? Hmm, you have to love a sale, right? C’mon, really? Are you that gullible? We’re talking gold here. Uhmmm it’s a traded commodity. Do you really think one person is going to sell a half ounce of gold for less than another person? Nice fantasy. In reality, that cheap chain weighs way less than the more expensive one. It’s hollow. Made up of a bunch of links that are made just like macaroni.

Now those “macaroni” links are made from 14k or 10k gold and so they are stamped that. That stamp tells you nothing about the weight or how long it will last. OH, you bought that bargain and a year later it broke. Imagine that, remember gold macaroni.
Yeah, it can be fixed but to me, it’s not worth it. It’s just going to break again and again and again. Sorry folks.
Did you know they have even figured out how to fill those hollow links with something(I have no clue what it is) to make them feel heavier? You are still paying the right amount for the amount of gold in it but the chain appears heavier when you hold it next to a solid chain. Hmmm

So what about the alternative metal chains?  My thoughts are the same as in my article on the metal. Stainless and titanium chains are fine just understand the good, bad and ugly about them. 

1. Made in China…usually
2. When they break you’ll have to have a jeweler  with a laser welder to fix them. Uhmm, Did I mention the lasers cost upwards of $30,000. Yeah, we charge more to laser than to solder.

To me the stainless and titanium chains are in the throw away category, when they break toss them. Get a new one.

Lets face it. Chain manufacturers have figured out lots of ways to make chain cheaper, in this case cheaper is weaker.

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