Woodland Buck Desk Mat - Premium Gun Cleaning Mat
Woodland Buck Desk Mat - Premium Gun Cleaning Mat
Woodland Buck Desk Mat - Premium Gun Cleaning Mat
Woodland Buck Desk Mat - Premium Gun Cleaning Mat

Woodland Buck Desk Mat - Premium Gun Cleaning Mat

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  • Made In PA.

Check out my enchanting Woodland Buck Desk Mat, a versatile piece that brings the serene beauty of the forest to your workspace or gun cleaning routine. Designed to capture the majestic presence of a woodland buck, this mat serves as a stunning backdrop for your daily tasks or maintenance rituals.

Crafted from high-quality materials, our desk mat features a detailed image of a stately buck amidst a lush woodland setting, offering a glimpse into the tranquil beauty of nature. The vibrant colors and intricate details create a lifelike portrayal that enhances your space, providing inspiration and a sense of calm as you work or care for your firearms.

Measuring generously, this mat provides ample space for your laptop, keyboard, and other essentials on your desk, ensuring a smooth and protective surface. For gun enthusiasts, the mat serves as an ideal gun cleaning mat, offering an aesthetic touch and practicality. Its durable construction is designed to withstand the rigors of maintenance, protecting your firearms and your workspace from scratches, spills, and wear.

Features include:

Premium, durable material that ensures longevity and easy maintenance.
Non-slip backing keeps the mat securely in place during use.
Water-resistant surface, making it easy to clean spills and stains.
Soft, smooth texture that is gentle on your devices, firearms, and hands.
Environmentally friendly manufacturing process, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.
Whether you're a nature lover, a hunting enthusiast, or simply searching for a unique addition to your workspace or gun cleaning station, our Woodland Buck Desk Mat is the perfect choice. It combines functionality with the beauty of the great outdoors, making every use a moment to cherish.

Top - soft fabric neopreneBottom - non-skid natural rubber
Features - Soft neoprene topNon-skid natural rubber backing 1/8 thick


Soft neoprene top

Non-skid natural rubber backing

1/8 thickness


Spot clean

All of my jewelry's is designed and created by me, made to order in America. I am currently averaging 3-6 weeks of production time for this most things. For more information on my timelines, check out my Shipping Information Page.

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